7 Paths to Sucess in Recovery from Sex Addiction

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7 Paths to Success:  Recovery from Sex Addiction7 Paths to Success

Untold men and women of every race, creed, religion, social status, profession, and economic strata struggle with unwanted obsessive compulsive often addictive behaviors often referred to as the disease of sex addiction.

If you talk to a person who suffers from the obsession and compulsion of unwanted sexual behaviors, and ask them if they can stop…they’ll most likely answer no, they have been unable to. Why? Because they suffer from a disease, sex addiction is a disease, not a moral character defect.

People who struggle with unwanted obsessive and compulsive sexual behaviors usually keep these behaviors hidden due to the shame and guilt resulting from their behaviors. One fact is indisputable ― the addiction is slowly eating away at and ruining their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

There is a solution, there is help for those suffering and struggling with these obsessive, compulsive unwanted sexual behaviors. The solution is: The 7 Paths to Success. These 7 Paths were written for those battling with and those helping individuals battling with sexually addictive behaviors to begin the journey to their own recovery.

What we present here are Paths, not individual activities. Each of the individual paths should be journeyed with an open mind and the understanding they are paths to be traveled. And with any path we travel there are times of struggle, doubt, confusion, deviation, pause and reflection. These are paths which can and will help to start you on the journey to recovery or to help someone on their journey.

The 7 Paths to Success

Path #1 Honesty

The individual who is struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors most often keeps it a secret so others do not discover their secret life and their shameful behaviors. These secrets and lies, keep the addiction alive resulting in more intense feelings of shame, worthlessness and guilt. The sex addict, in order to move down the path of honesty, needs to share with a trusted individual their unwanted, obsessive compulsive behaviors. This individual most often is a trusted friend, 12 step sponsor, member of the clergy, addiction therapist or other mental health professional.

Path #2 Commitment

After the addict reveals their secret and begins the path to complete and total honesty and have admitted they have a problem, the next logical path is to make a commitment to taking any steps and any means necessary to get better. They’ll want to cease their behaviors and change the way they live to include more healthy enriching activities. The individual will begin down the path to a life worth living, a life filled with hopes, dreams and healthy goals.

Path #3 Meetings

The 12 step fellowships of Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous, based on the model created by Alcoholics Anonymous should be the basis for all those wanting to recover from some form of sex addiction. Meeting on a regular basis with like-minded individuals who share the same general struggles and who have been where the addict was or is, creates a sense of togetherness and belonging. When we see other people going down the same path, we doh’t feel so alone anymore and give hope to those beginning down the path.

Path #4 Sponsorship

Ask any successful athlete, business professional or successful individual how they got there and you’ll hear: Success in life or in any field or area of study requires a teacher, mentor, guide or coach. As we move down the paths to recovery we need a sponsor. This person will guide you through the recovery process. They help you with their experiences strengths and hopes, and they also help you work the 12 steps of recovery.

Path #5 Connection

Those battling unwanted obsessive compulsive sexual behaviors keep those activities a big secret. The don’t want anyone to know what they do in solitude and keep the shame and guild to themselves. As you recover, you begin to move from isolation and begin to create relationships with other recovering persons. You connect in a whole new honest, intimate and caring way. This new way of being with others begins to build as you let go of your secrets and come to trust others and share your pain and struggle. You can take a sigh of relief, knowing you’re not alone.

Path #6 Mastery

When you want to improve any area of your life, you study. To get better you want to master the subject. And, you don’t know what you don’t yet know, until you learn it. Recovery is the same way.

Now that you’ve come to the path of wanting to master recovery, you begin reading recovery literature which begins to fill your being with the positive thoughts and ideas about recovery to replace the unwanted thoughts and behaviors that previously consumed your time.

Path #7 Structure

When acting out in addictive activities the individual wastes so much of their life going down a path of destruction. In recovery, structure, accountability and organization become vital in the process. The recovering sex addict moves to create new habits, prioritize and structure their recovery, determine their priorities and attract healthy living to their lives.

This is a brief overview of the 7 Paths to Success. For an expanded explanation and a 9 minute video explaining the 7 Paths to Success in Recovery from Sex Addiction Click Here http://www.recoveryfromsexaddiction.com


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