Are Women Sex Addicts?

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To many people, sex addiction seems like an exclusively male problem. The mainstream media certainly perpetuates this viewpoint, with intense focus on high profile sex addiction cases like that of Tiger Woods. To some extent, sex addiction is a pretty masculine issue. Many males are affected, and many more males are reportedly affected than women. However, there are definitely females struggling with sex addiction.

You may find yourself wondering why you almost never hear of or read about a female sex addict. The exact reason for this is unclear, but it can most easily be explained by society’s traditional attitudes towards women and sexual behavior. A promiscuous female is more likely to be viewed in a negative light than a promiscuous male, even if her behavior stems from a sex addiction problem that she’s really struggling with.

Females struggling with sex addiction are less likely to seek help for their addiction because they may be apprehensive about being met with ridicule. It is true that there are indeed fewer female sex addicts out there; biologically, women are wired to have sexual relations with one partner at a time, while men are wired to spread their genes as far as possible. This does not mean, however, that female sex addicts do not exist.

All sex addicts share similar problems, but female sex addict have a few problems unique to their own condition. One of these issues is unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. A female sex addict may become pregnant but have no idea who the father is. The implications of this are many. The child will inevitably become curious about the missing parent, and this is not easily explained away. The father may have some unknown medical conditions that may affect the child later on in life. Practically speaking, raising a child is extremely expensive. If the woman wishes to terminate her pregnancy, this is also extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. Birth control easily prevents this situation, but keep in mind that health insurance is expensive, and many of the cheaper health insurance plans will not fully cover the cost of birth control.

Another issue nearly unique to female sex addicts is an increased risk for sexual assault. Female sex addicts may be at a heightened risk for rape and other unwanted sexual advances. A sex addict has the right to say no, but she may have become known as “that woman,” therefore making her a much easier target. When she exercises her right to say no, she may be met with ridicule and expected or even forced to follow through anyway. This is decimating to her self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, and she may even develop psychiatric conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or severe depression.

Women struggling with sex addiction face a set of obstacles and issues completely different from those that their male counterparts face. A change in society’s attitudes will hopefully help more female sex addicts get the understanding and treatment they deserve and need.

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