How Do I Find Friends in Sex Addiction Recovery Groups?

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Recovery groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and others have created a fellowship of individuals recovering from sex addiction. This group support setting increases the success rate of sex addicts wishing to maintain sexual sobriety.

With the regular attendance at these meetings there is a specific need that is met for the addict when interacting with other people who understand sex addiction on a personal level and who can sympathize and empathize with other sex addicts. Some newcomers to meetings may at first think, “I can’t be friends with these people, they’re weird, they’re sick, they do thing I never would” and over them they come to realize they are just like everyone else.

By chatting after group sessions, exchanging phone numbers and getting together for coffee or a meal, addicts are able to engage in sober activities with people who understand clearly the struggles and difficulties of sex addiction and recovery.

The most important action any newcomer or regular meeting attendee can do is to get phone numbers of other members and call them to talk and be available to take their calls. This creates a much stronger support group for all those involved.

By developing friendships within these meetings and support groups, the addict builds an empathetic network of support to help in facing the challenges of recovery. In particular, the early withdrawal process of sobriety can be frightening when faced alone. Later on, learning how to replace the compulsive behaviors of sex addiction with sober behaviors can be challenging without the help of others who have traveled the road to sobriety before. 

While some people are naturally outgoing and easily sociable, many who have spent years hiding their sex addiction are often used to living solitary lives and avoiding people who are not a part of their acting out behavior. Coming into sobriety will require the addict to learn about how to relate to others in a healthy and appropriate way. Developing friendships during recovery will allow addicts to see other people in a way other than just sexually.

Transitioning from a life where people were treated as objects or as rivals to the exploits of sex addiction can be difficult. It is important that there is room to make mistakes and learn the way of genuine and healthy friendship. Trust, respect and support are necessary attributes in this process as people learn to deal with conflict and be honest with themselves and others.

Over time, sober addicts find that their friendships deepen and develop richly when not distracted by sexual compulsion and sex addiction.


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