How to Overcome Sex Addiction

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Sex addiction is incredibly difficult for all parties involved. The addiction has profound effects on the addict, their friends, and their family. Sex addiction can be overcome, but the question is, “How?”

The first step to overcoming sex addiction lies with the addict themselves. They must decide they want to recover. It sounds pretty simple, right? Maybe not so easy though… The sex addict must want recovery for the right reasons. No one can really say for sure what the right reasons are for everyone. They differ from person to person. Whatever the reasons may be, all addicts who desire recovery must share one reason in common: they must want to recover for their own betterment.

Recovering sex addicts must truly commit themselves to recovery. This is not something that can be achieved with anything less than maximum commitment and effort. Try to attend every single twelve step meeting, every single therapy session, and every single support group meeting. If you are a recovering sex addict, keep in mind you will likely be expected to remain abstinent for a length of time, especially if you’re attending sex addiction therapy.

The recovering sex addict’s family and friends play a very important role in the addict’s recovery. Support groups are helpful, but there’s nothing in the world quite like the genuine support of family and friends during the exhausting recovery process. If you’re a family member or friend of a recovering sex addict, your job is to be as supportive as possible. This sounds a lot simpler than it often is. Some people find it really awkward or difficult to be genuinely supportive of people who are going through the process of recovery from sex addiction. After all, the subject of sex is not one of the most discussed topics and to many a very difficult topic to discuss under “normal” circumstances. Keep in mind that “being supportive” doesn’t mean attending every twelve step meeting or support group session with the recovering sex addict. “Being supportive” means lending an ear when needed, giving a lift to and from meetings if the recovering addict doesn’t have a ride, and just generally making it known that you’re there for them no matter what.

Above all, have faith recovery will happen. Both the recovering sex addict and their loved ones should know recovery from sex addiction takes a very long time. For instance, if the chosen method of recovery is sex addiction therapy, the average recovery time is four to five years of once- or twice-weekly meetings. Maintenance is a lifelong commitment. Much like an ex-drug addict must wake up each day and make the conscious decision not to do drugs that day, a recovering sex addict must make the decision every day not to indulge in the behaviors that were the cornerstone to their sex addiction.

Overcoming sex addiction can be very difficult and exhausting. It’s certainly a large undertaking and a very long personal journey to set out on. The feeling of freedom at the end of the road is so worth the giant journey taken to get there.

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