Is there Help for Sex Addicts?

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While the road to recovery from a sex addiction may be long and certainly not without its difficulties, there is hope for overcoming the disease.

In many cases, by the time people struggling with a sex addiction come to accept  they have a problem, their lives have spun out of control and have become unmanageable. Usually they’ve hit some kind of “bottom”. The bottom may be spiritual, physical, emotional, social, financial or at times legal.

The addict who has not yet begun to step into recovery from sex addiction feels hopeless that anything will ever change. The guilt and shame of the behavior and the consequences of it have the addict trapped into believing the disease is stronger than the desire to be well.

There is good news, however; there is help for sex addiction. While the road to recovery may be long, and not without its difficulties, there is hope for the sex addict who is committed to overcoming addiction and getting back the quality of life he or she has been missing.

  1. Research. First things first. It’s always easier to work through any problem or challenge when it is first understood. Many addicts don’t have a full understanding of the disease of sex addiction. With a little research, the addict will be will easily discover what options are available and what to expect, can prepare for the challenges to be faced, and then take full pleasure in their triumphs. There are numerous resources available on the Internet that will help the addict better understand the disease of sex addiction. Some good choices are,, and
  1. Support Groups. There are a few  well-known twelve-step programs, which follow closely the model laid out in the pioneer of 12 step recovery programs, Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs are believed to highly increase an addict’s chance of successful recovery from sex addiction. The addict committed to change would do well to find and attend meetings, which are available both online and in communities throughout the world. He/she would work with a sponsor and build a network of individuals who truly understand sex addiction on a first-hand basis. These groups can be located online at websites such as,, and
  1. Counseling. Diseases such as sex addiction have their root in places such as childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and other emotional and mental challenges encountered throughout the life of the addict. As an addict moves from behaviors of sex addiction and into recovery, the feelings long buried will begin to surface. To maintain sexual sobriety, it is important that the addict find a way to deal with feelings and wounds long since buried. Counseling with a professional can be a huge help to securing recovery.

There are no guaranteed answers to overcoming sex addiction. Every addict is unique and the type of sex addiction in each person is equally individual. Having the support of family and friends is often essential to recovery. Many times an addict will choose to enter a rehabilitative program during the initial phase of recovery. Some addicts will choose abstinence only from the various sex addiction behaviors, while others will choose complete celibacy. While there are no easy answers, there is the hope that sex addiction can be overcome. It is never too late.

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