Recovery from Sex Addiction Step 4

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Step 4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.Step 4 Recovery from Sex Addiction

Courage is the principle behind step 4: The courage to take a searching and fearless moral inventory of our lives. I have to remind myself moral is both right and wrong. I have to look at what was right in my life as well as what was wrong. So many of my defects of character have both good and bad parts of me. I have to realize the good parts of my character I want to keep and the same character asset I use for good can also be used for bad. I need to look at it closely and see where I need to draw the line.

Step four is all about getting totally and completely honest with myself and becoming accountable and responsible for my role in my life and what part I played in getting myself to where I am today. No judgments, no resentments, no blame.

Step 4 Prayers

Prayer one: God mold my ideals in this particular area of my life and help me live up to them, what would I do in each specific matter, guide me God and give me strength to do it right.

Asking God or higher power for guidance in a specific instance or situation so I don’t act on my own accord.


Prayer two: God remove my fear from me and direct my attention to what you would have me be.

When I’m overrun with fear and doubt, this prayer helps calm and center me.


Prayer three: God, help me show this person the same tolerance, pity and patience  I would cheerfully grant a sick friend, this is a sick person, how may I be helpful to him or her, God save me from being angry, thy will  not mind be done.

When I’m unsure of my role, my part in a relationship. When I’m feeling harmed, shamed, dis-respected, when I believe or think ill or wrong of another, this prayer helps me realize I can be compassionate, empathetic, tolerating, forgiving and accepting.

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