Recovery from Sex Addiction Step 9

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Recovery from Sex Addiction Step 9Step 9 Recovery from Sex Addiction

Step 9: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

The principles behind step 9 are Justice, discipline, evening of the scales. Justice is what is morally and socially correct. Discipline is training that corrects, molds or perfect  and evening of the scales is about making up for what we did.

Reminder to self: Do Not and I repeat Do Not make any amends without first checking with my sponsor to make sure why I’m making the amend and is it the right time, right place and am I supported for the outcome of the amend.

Step 9 is all about accepting my part of my wrongs correcting those wrongs from step 8 with guidance willing to be truly honest and accept any reactions from the person I’m making amends to.

In working step 9, with the help and guidance of our sponsor we make our amends, just cleaning our side of the street. Accepting what the other person says or does. We’re only responsible for our part not how they react.

Step 9 Prayer

God, give me the strength and direction to do the right thing no matter what the consequences may be. Help me to consider others and not harm them in any way, help me to consult with others before I take any action that may cause me to be sorry. Help me to not repeat such behavior. Show me the way of patience, kindness, tolerance and love and help me to live the spiritual life.

We need strength and guidance during this step. We’re reminded of what we did and who we harmed and sometimes the response is less than kind, after all we were not kind. We also ask not to repeat any of our behaviors and learn to live with positive character virtues.

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