Sex Addiction: Addictive Logic or Addictive Insanity?

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For those struggling with sex addiction, much of the disease a sex addict battles is in their mind. As George Collins says in his book Breaking the Cycle, “you are not your mind. In other words  you are not wow you think you are or who your addict keeps telling you that you are.” When the addict is thinking about doom and gloom, when the addict thinks it has the ability to play god and can somehow forecast or fortune tell the future, or when the addict applies black and white thinking or catastrophizes and takes over your brain, that’s addictive logic for the addict. When our brains get in this frame of mine, it’s addictive insanity. It’s insane that we actually think we have any idea of what the future holds of what’s coming next or how some situation may or may not turn out. So much of the disease of addiction happens in the mind.

If you and I were standing in the middle of the street, which is possible in the small town in which I live, and a car was speeding toward us, I could either say, that care is coming very fast and might just run us over…or…that must be someone in a big hurry to come and see us with some good news. Kind of like the glass is half full or half empty. The brain of the sex addict is severely compromise and severely damages in its thinking.

We can’t play god. We can’t predict the future. What we can do is the legwork required by us to participate in right living, life life on life’s terms and turn our life over to the care of a power greater than ourselves.

Addictive logic is the sex addict mind trying to keep us in the world of insanity…Addictive insanity is when we allow the addict to take us through all that insanity. What we can do is talk to our sponsor, talk to other fellows and learn to just be in the moment. Sometimes it’s one day at a time, or one hour, or one minute or one second. Getting through the pain of the now is difficult and as we progress in recovery we learn to allow the pain of the now to move through us with the help of others.

What are your thoughts about addictive logic or addictive insanity? Please comment below, tweet and share.

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