Sex Addiction and other Addictions: Our Biggest Health Problem says Patrick Carnes, PhD

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In his Keynote address at the SASH Conference (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health), Dr. Patrick Carnes, a leader in the field of sex addiction and author of many books on sex addiction and recovery from sex addiction, shared that our biggest health problem today is addiction.

In the keynote address “To Change a Country” Dr Carnes shared his very personal and intimate journey, the history of SASH and his observations on the future of addictions and mental health.

Anyone in the field of addiction, a sex addict, struggling sex addict or anyone dealing with sex addicts or other addictions should watch this video below or on YouTube.

Dr. Carnes feels strongly about fighting what he sees as prejudice toward sexual differences.

He shared some thoughts about how we can improve the brain to function differently and see the brain as a damaged organ in addicted individuals, based on his experience and work with Dr. Daniel Amen.

In his quest to help change the world, Dr. Patrick Carnes believes education about the disease of addiction is paramount in leading the way. He said “No disease entity got what it needed until those with the problem articulated what it was like to be in their skin”. I’m a firm believer in this philosophy. Until those suffering from sex addiction start to articulate what it’s like to suffer and struggle, what the agony, shame, guilt, depression and utter hopelessness are, sex addicts and sex addiction will remain a topic of ridicule and misunderstanding.

Dr. Carnes shares his belief that great leadership comes from those people who have an addiction or who have mental health problems. In a crisis, you want someone who knows about overcoming adversity, who knows how to think outside the box, who is resilient and can persevere in the face of what seems line insurmountable problems. (I added the last part of that sentence)

I agree with Dr. Carnes our biggest problem in the country and perhaps the world is addiction.

We have not found out how to re-wire the brain and make the synapses grow quickly.

He concludes the erosion of intimacy in our culture is at stake, and how that works shapes how the culture goes.

Are you chosen to help? Are you one of the chosen?

Share your comments below on Dr. Carnes Keynote address or share your comments on the YouTube video.


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