Sex Addiction: The Importance Of 12 Step Meetings

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I just read an article called  The Importance Of 12 Step Meetings 

What I liked about what the article presented was studies show that sex addicts who attend, participate and do service work at 12 step meetings maintain abstinence.

What most sex addicts don’t want to hear is that solid results are not realized until 6 months of regular attendance at meetings and working the 12 steps of recovery from sex addiction. Attending 4 meetings a week gives the sex addict a better chance of not relapsing.  Sounds like a lot? What are the alternatives? A life of insanity?

The model of 12 steps fellowships are proven to work as can be attested to by many recovering sex addicts.

Why does it work? because 12 step programs offer healthy food for the mind and great ideas for recovery. During active addiction the mind has been fed with very negative and very destructive thoughts. This is why the meetings are so important as they counteract years of negative thoughts and habits.

I like this paragraph from the article:

“In recovery and while trying to stay sober all of the old ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving need to be destroyed. Constructive ways of thinking, feeling, and behavior need to replace them. Twelve Step meetings bring about changes in personality and spiritual awakenings. It is a beautiful thing.”

Twelve Step sex addiction meetings is the place to be when you need honesty, support, and courage. Meetings can be found anywhere, online, and available in phone meetings every day of the week.  At these meetings you will hear other people’s stories and they will sound so much like your own. Finally, someone can understand how you feel!

It’s helpful to know you’re not alone. Acting out sexually is shameful and keeps you alone. Meetings brings you closer to people. There is power in the group, so let yourself go to that power. The meetings will help you become part of something good and healthy. As you’ve found out already, You can’t do this on your own and in meetings and the fellowship you’re not alone anymore!

It’s vital that you see other people in recovery from their sex addiction as it will give you the confidence that you too can change your life.  In a 12 step meeting you learn the foundation for your own recovery and you also learn from other people’s recovery techniques. Some days you’ll want to act out sexually and it’s good to know other people have been where you are and you can learn how they dealt with it.

12 step meetings for recovery from sex addiction allow you to take control of your life by recognizing your sex addiction and overcoming it. You will never be judged. You will also learn that sex addiction is a  disease and you are powerless to change your genetic make-up but you can stop your addiction.

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