Sex Addiction: What Daily Challenges Do You Have?

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The life of a sex addict in recovery can be quite challenging. For me, I wake up each day and have 4 major boxes to check in order for my life to be in total balance. When each of these four elements are in balance, life is really really good. When they are out of balance, life is really really bad. Depending on how many are in balance, that will usually define the quality of my daily living.

The four areas for me are:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sex Addiction
  • Spirituality
When my nutrition is in order and I’m eating properly that’s the first part of my day I can control. Learning that my eating and my sexual habits both produced a similar comfort and release of feel good brain chemicals, allowed me to medicate any feelings and problems with food or sex. When I’m in balance and I’m eating real food I feel Great. When I eat processed crap, filled with corn syrup, sugar, chemicals, ┬ápreservatives and additives that have no essential nutrition for the body, I begin to move in the wrong direction.
When I wake up take an early morning work like I did today with a good friend down to the river and meditate over the river and realize how good it is to just be, then I fill the balance quote a little more. When I don’t exercise I move further away from my upper limit of being.
When I’m in any type of addictive behavior; acting out, fantasizing, engaging in my character defects I move into the cycle of addiction and experience a sense of and feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness and hopelessness. When I’m sober from my addictive behaviors both acting out and human defects of character, combined with the first two, life is really good.
When I am connected to the earth, to God, to Higher Power as a result of the above and a spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, reading and sharing with others, life is good.
When all four of the above are in balance anything in life is easy to deal with. When 1, 2, 3 or all 4 are out of balance, that’s when the problems of life become very difficult so deal with.
For some, the third might be something different than a sex addiction, it may be an addiction of another kind, it may be co-dependence or it may just be not trusting and having faith and hope in the way life is right now.
To me, when I follow what I call the 7 paths to success in recovery from sex addiction, all the above become much easier.
So, what daily challenges do you have and what boxes do you need to check for life to be really, really good? Share your comments below, like this, tweet it and share with others what you think.


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