Sex Addiction: What Does One Day At a Time Mean?

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I was a guest last night on Recovery Radio Raw, November 8th 2012.  The host, Indian Bob and I have been discussing the top questions most asked of and by addicts. Questions like, Why can’t addicts stop? What causes sex addiction, not unlike many of my articles here and videos on YouTube, The host, Indian Bob asked me for a question later in the show: I had a simple and more complex question, the simple, What do those bumper stickers that say “One day at a time” mean? The other question, Why should I work the 12 steps, I save for another show.

Indian Bob began with a native reply: He said that each day is a life in itself and when he goes to sleep, it’s the closest thing to death he’ll experience on a daily basis. That life is lived in one day that’s it. He asked if I knew why the entrance to a teepee faced East. He said it was because the sun rose in the east and signified the start of a new life on that day.

We then talked about the addict mind always planning, plotting the future. Thinking in some way we can control what happens in the future and for many addicts planning and plotting in a grandiose manner as opposed to just loving this one day. Bob quoted from AA we are egomaniacs with inferiority complexes. Our addict is so egotistical, entitled, judgmental and at times grandiose. Our true self is so dominated and beaten down by the addict that we feel inferior and worthless because of how are lives are in addiction.

A dear friend of mine, Maggie Worboys (she also happens to be my former wife) is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and said to me once, “Scott you should live a small life large and not try to live a large life small.” I had been trying to live my entire life large but doing it in a small way. As opposed to living one day at a time, living life on life’s terms and living a small humble life large.

Many addicts live in a mind where they forecast, fortune tell, catastrophize engage in magical and black and white thinking and what I call as addictive insanity.  It’s helpful for addicts to realize there is only one day, one life in a day, on day at a time and all else if it’s supposed to come…will

Share your comments below about what One Day at a Time Means to you and share it with others.


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