Sex Addiction: What is God’s Will for Our Lives?

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So, what does it really mean to accept God’s will for our lives. What is God’s will?

Will is the mental faculty we use to deliberately choose or decide upon a course of action. When I think I know what’s going to happen…that’s my will. When things happen that are supposed to happen, that’s God’s will. When is it my will and when is it God’s will.

I’m looking for a new place to live and I called on a really nice apartment, or so I thought, my part of the legwork was to look online and find places to look at. Whether it came to be was not in my control. When I got to the viewing, it was a dump. Nothing I wanted…Was that a good thing or was that a bad thing? That reminds me of the wise Chinese farmer whose horse ran off. His neighbor came to visit to console his bad fortune and the wise farmer said “Who knows that’s good or bad”? When his horse returned the next day is was not alone, she was leading a herd of horses. The foolish neighbor then came to congratulate him on his good fortune, the wise farmer said, “Who knows what’s good or bad”? The next day, the farmer’s son broke his leg when he tried to ride one of the new horses. Once again, the foolish neighbor came to console him . “Who knows what’s good or bad?” spoke the wise farmer. A few days later, the local army rode through and took boys and men to fight a war, the wise farmer’s son was spared as he had a broken leg. And of course, the  foolish man came to congratulate the wise farmer since his son would be spared, once again the wise farmer said “Who knows what’s good or bad?”

So in our lives, we don’t know what’s coming, what’s next so why bother with the worry, stress, pressure and anxiety. Why get caught up in the outcomes when we have absolutely no control. We have to continue to just do the legwork and let the decision be what they be and be okay with what happens. That’s following God’s will for our lives.

When I meditate and ask questions or pray and I hear an answer…Is that my will or God’s will…my voice or his? If I want something really really bad, chances are that’s my will. I really wanted the apartment I looked at to be the one I wanted when it turned out not to be, I realized, it’s not God’s will. This is a learning experience and I’ll know why this happened sooner or later. We live our lives day to day and we learn the lessons in retrospect.

What do you think God’s will is? Please comment below and share your thoughts.


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