This 14 minute video explains how a man becomes a sex addict

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  1. John on at

    I found your website and am sharing it with others in my church by adding a link to it on my webpage which I have called:

    I have a suggestion to improve your website: At the top of the page it says “Reclaim Your LIfe”. I think you meant to spell the last word as: “Reclaim Your Life”. Also, will you be providing some books soon? There’s nothing listed under your Books menu.

    Looking forward to receiving a link you your free video,
    A fellow Recoverer

    • scottv on at

      Thank you very much for sharing our site and hope you enjoy the free video.
      I appreciate your suggestions to improve our site:
      We have fixed the “i” in life which has been missed by hundreds of people
      The books are listed now on the “books” page
      We are working on the video page in the next 48 hours

      Thanks again for your comments and for helping others in their recovery

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