What are the Causes and Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

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Causes of Sex AddictionLike all other addictions, sex addiction is a serious condition that can only be remedied with professional treatment. Those affected by sex addiction often hold a desire to trace the condition to its roots and find its cause. Sometimes a definitive cause cannot be found, but by looking closely at its roots and examining the symptoms, sticking to recovery will be much easier and more effective. The exact cause of sex addiction can rarely be categorized for all sex addicts as the disease is often a mixture of attitudes, life events, and unresolved psychological issues that manifest in a sex addiction.

Many people think sex addiction is all about the actual physical act of sex. This is a misconception. Sex addicts certainly may participate in many acts of sex, but the truth is they rarely actually enjoy the obsessive compulsive sexual acts.

Every experience with sex addiction is different and has different causes and effects from case to case. While it cannot be said for sure what the cause of a sex addiction is, the list that follows outlines some contributing factors that may explain part of the sex addiction. Please note this list is incomplete; there are myriad things that can contribute, but these are some common ones:

-        Depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

-        Mood or personality disorders.

-        Past abuse (physical, sexual, mental, emotional, etc)

-        Fear of being abandoned

-        Difficulty forming lasting relationships

-        Unhealthy attitudes towards intimacy

Just as the causes of a sex addiction are different for every person, every person may also experience different symptoms from other sex addicts. The following is a list of symptoms that may be experienced, again, this list is not all inclusive.

-        Compulsive self stimulation to an excessive extent

-        Several one night stands, often with partners who are anonymous

-        Multiple sexual partners

-        A disregard for safe sexual practices

-        Prostitution, either paying or receiving payment

-        Excessive viewing of porn

-        Committing sexual crimes such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, and sexual assault

-        Poor social life and work life

-        Feelings of shame after sex

Like many addictions, sex addiction is progressive, which means the addiction will continue to get more severe the longer it is left unchecked. It may even reach levels that are life threatening. The only way to deal with a sex addiction and recovery is with proper professional treatment and the help of a 12 step support program. Both can be sought out through your local mental health agency or from online research.

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