What are the Dangers of Slippery Behaviors in Sex Addiction?

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Slippery behaviors in sex addiction are those that can eventually lead to relapse. With clear boundaries and a support system, however, you can be successful in avoiding those slippery behaviors and ending up relapsing.

Once you have begun the process of facing your sex addiction and working through recovery toward healthy sexuality, you will need to be more mindful of your behaviors and the motives behind them than ever before. You will need to engage yourself in rigorous honesty in order to overcome sex addiction successfully. Yes, I know that rigorous honesty thing again…Keep working at it!

One of the dangers that you may encounter during recovery from sex addiction are those called “slippery behaviors”. These are the behaviors that an addict engages in that will inevitably lead to triggers which lead to acting out and relapse. You might find yourself driving down the same road where you used to act out, calling former lovers “just to catch up”, or watching movies or television shows that you know have sexual content in them. Very often you will convince yourself you have a legitimate reason for this behavior – that road is the fastest way to the city, you want to preserve your friendships, or you’re trying to fit in with your friends and family, you really like the actor in the movie – but the actual motivation behind these slippery behaviors is you’re probably engaging in behavior with the subconscious hope of being triggered into acting out. That’s the cunning, baffling and powerful part of the disease!

Sex addiction is a powerful force in the life of the addict. This addiction, and the need you will feel to act out once you are sexually sober, can cause you to lie to yourself and others about your motivation and intent. If you are to be successful in overcoming your sex addiction, it is important that you have objective support that can tell you when you are beginning to engage in these slippery behaviors and may be in danger of relapsing. Share with your sponsor or other fellows your thoughts and suspicious activities that you might not be able to define by yourself as slippery behaviors. It always helps to have a group of “advisors” in your recovery who can tell you what you may not want to recognize or hear on your own.

Accepting powerlessness over addiction will eventually allow you to understand that you cannot engage in these behaviors without running the risk of eventually acting out.  By putting into place clear and well-defined boundaries and by working with a sponsor or other support system, you can reach your goal of sexual sobriety. You can overcome sex addiction.

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