What is a Holistic Approach for Treating Sex Addiction?

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You likely know that sex addiction can be effectively treated by twelve step programs, one on one therapy, and group therapy. But did you know  holistic treatment can also help? Holistic healing is based on concepts of empathy, spirituality, de-stressing, and looking inside yourself. Many sex addicts have tried the holistic approach and describe it as rewarding, uplifting, and helpful. Holistic healing is soothing, non-stressful, and spiritual. To some people, it might seem a little weird and old fashioned, but those who have cast those doubts aside have experienced enrichment and many benefits.

There is a process to follow when taking the holistic approach to healing sex addiction.

The first step is to be evaluated.

Your life right now is in shambles and upside down because of your sex addiction. Your relationships need a lot of work, your job may be in jeopardy, your finances may be out of control, and your social life probably leaves much to be desired. All of the negative effects of your sex addiction must be accounted for during your evaluation. After you’ve really taken a look at your life’s current state, you are ready to move on to the next step in your holistic treatment.

Your next step is to really understand sex addiction.

Holistic healers often say that a small grain of knowledge does a great deal of good and goes a long way in recovery. It’s easy to hide from and avoid your sex addiction, but in your holistic healing experience, you will be encouraged to do as much research as possible into your addiction. You’ll be provided with many resources to start you on your way to recovery. In your research you will also examine the individual factors in your life that play into your sexual urges and how they manifest.

Your next step is the big one: Therapy.

Holistic therapy can be on an individual level or in a group setting. Either way, you will be given the opportunity (and encouraged) to share your stories, explore your feelings, and listen to others. Perhaps your biggest project will be to rebuild your thought process in an effort to rewire how you react to your impulse triggers. You may also work with your spouse, who has amassed a great deal of damage from your addiction. Therapy will help to retie those bonds of trust that have been broken and rebuild the intimacy that has been damaged during the course of your addiction.

As you continue to progress in therapy, your holistic healer will expose you to activities that can help manage your stress levels. A very popular activity for this purpose is yoga, which requires deliberate movement and focus. You will also be encouraged to improve your diet and nourish yourself properly. The holistic approach covers a lot of bases, from your diet to therapy to your partner, and because of this it is very useful for getting your whole life back on track.

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