What is a Spiritual Approach to Recovery from Sex Addiction?

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Successful recovery from sex addiction can involve a lot of things, from support groups to Twelve-Step programs to therapy and anything in between. Whichever road you decide to travel down, your own spirituality will be incredibly important to your recovery process.

Spirituality can be loosely defined as your personal connection and feelings about a power greater than you and practicing self-awareness. Even if you do not believe in a higher power, you can still be a spiritual person. It is all about being in touch with yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts. Spirituality is not necessarily connected to religion, but it differs from person to person. It is what you make of it and what you want it to be. If you associate your spirituality with your religious beliefs, that is okay. If you do not, that’s okay too.

How can you use your spirituality to help defeat your sex addiction? The peace and self-awareness resulting from a spiritual connection are helpful tools in keeping you on track on your road to recovery. Depending on these skills alone will not bring you recovery, but are helpful when things get rough and you feel like giving up.

If you consider yourself a spiritual person, you will likely benefit from Twelve-Step programs for recovery from sex addiction. Most Twelve-Step programs are deeply rooted in spirituality. In fact, the eleventh step is focused on forging a strong connection with whatever higher power you may believe in, and asking only for knowledge of your life’s plan and the will to carry out that plan. Successfully attaining and completing this eleventh step results in a spiritual awakening, bringing a feeling of peace.

A strong spiritual connection can bring you calmness and peace during the difficult recovery process. For instance, meditation is a spiritual activity which provides a sense of calm and peacefulness.  Many people meditate to calm themselves down and reconnect with their spiritual side. While meditating by itself won’t bring you recovery from sex addiction, it is a useful tool for achieving a certain level of peace. Meditation will bring you some much needed “me time,” and is useful for removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Meditation has a positive effect on stress levels and is also a great option when you feel cravings for your addictive behavior.

Again, spirituality alone will not cure your addiction, but it is certainly a useful and comforting tool to have on your road to recovery from sex addiction. Combined with the power of therapy or a Twelve-Step program, a strong spiritual connection is indispensable on your road to recovery from sex addiction.

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