What is Book-Ending in Recovery from Sex Addiction?

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One of the many tools available to you in your recovery from sex addiction is one called “book-ending” by Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA). The general idea of this practice is to arrange, in advance, to contact someone in your support network or group both before and after a particularly difficult event or potentially triggering situation. Some occasions that you may want to book-end include: parties, travel, dates, internet useage, family visits, or business obligations.

The “before call”, is the call you will bake BEFORE the upcoming event. This call is an opportunity to share with your sponsor or another fellow and tune into how you’re feeling. This call will allow you to enter into a potentially challenging situation feeling stronger and less on your own. In making this call you are purposefully creating accountability for yourself, an active step in supporting your sex addiction recovery. You can use this time to discuss the best way to handle potential circumstances and situations.

The “after call”, or the call made after the event, allows you to process with a supportive friend or sponsor, what happened, how you handled yourself, and to acknowledge successes. This is also a good time to reflect on what you might handle differently the next time. This practice will help you to feel more prepared with the day to day challenges of recovery from sex addiction.

Some people in recovery find it useful to book-end other practices, like self-care and program commitments. For those with procrastination issues, book-ending can help set aside specific time for writing tasks and other practices designed to enhance recovery from sex addiction.

For the best possible chances of successful recovery, it is important to take advantage of as many tools as you possibly can. Book-ending not only increases your chances of moving from sex addiction to healthy sexuality, but also helps you to build a strong network of friends and support.

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