What Sex Addiction Support Groups are Available for Spouses, Partners and Family Members?

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The spouses, partners and family members of sex addicts have a unique challenge in dealing with sex addiction. They often suffer quietly as they watch their loved one on a downward spiral into the depths of addiction. Many spouses, partners and other close family members often blame themselves or somehow feel responsible. Another common emotion is the feeling of helplessness. These people have a strong desire to help their loved one, but feel they are unable to do anything. Finally, many spouses, partners and family members may have to deal with the loss of a close relationship with this person if they don’t get help and in recovery. They will have to learn how to rebuild that relationship with their sex addicted loved one.

Unfortunately, spouses, partners and family members can be overlooked since the main focus of everyone is on seeking help and assisting in the recovery of the person struggling with sex addiction. It is important to be mindful their role is equally important. There are many support groups available to for spouses and partners as well as for other close family members who have been affected by the sex addiction of a loved one. A simple search online will yield a number of support groups from which you can choose.

Take your time when selecting a group. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different groups until you find one that is comfortable for you. The people facilitating these groups understand that not every group is a good fit for a person or their emotional needs. You may choose to find a support group that is integrated into your loved one’s recovery program. Many sex addiction recovery programs offer support groups for spouses, partners and family members.

No matter what support group you settle on, you need to make sure you feel comfortable. As a spouse, partner or family member, your ultimate goal should be to restore your own well-being first. Once you are well emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, you will be better equipped to aid in the recovery of your loved one. Sex addiction takes a toll on everyone involved in the sex addict’s life. The closer you are to the addict, the more deeply affected you will be and the longer your recovery process will be.

Just remember that you are not alone. You don’t have to go through recovery alone. Find a support group and truly commit yourself to recovering from the impact of your loved one’s sex addiction. True recovery and healing will come from sharing with the support group as well as listening to and learning from others.


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